Nature has been conducting continuous experiments into processes, and has been doing it for millions of years. The environment has been metamorphosing its materials, to form new existence, in an ever-changing society. My investigation into environmental processing is to explore an understanding of nature's rhythm in our culture and how we as people interact with it as well. Everyday we hear of tragedies that happen upon our earth and these tragedies bring forth the loss of living elements. With growing concern in environmental issues, the understanding of nature's rhythm and the recycling of materials have become more important and this has peaked my thoughts in how I work. I respectfully approach this environmental processing by incorporating recycled matter as well as low-valued materials mostly which I have gathered. Gathering and collecting objects / materials are very important parts of my work process. Because I believe my works are the outcome of the collaboration between those objects / materials and I, and that collaboration starts from that moment. In the process I examine nature to understand its language through shape, pattern, color, texture, scale and its changes. My works are produced as a result of conversation between nature and I. Through this process, I want to have my work carry the beauty and the power that I see and feel in nature.
gathering wild sage for SageLand, 1998
Walla Walla, WA
working on Fallen, 2010